Training Companies for Sale

Reference Region Description Turnover Contracting profile Pre Tax Profit Valuation ESS Letter of Engagement Required Status
107N139SouthEstablished ESFA Prime Provider Significant Current and Historical Profits. Working with Levy Organisations £10m+£3,500,000+Direct ESFA Contracts AEB ALL Apps (Levy) Apps (Non Levy)1M1.6MnoEnquire
108N123Midlands BasedTraining Provider of ESFA funded Apprenticeship, AEB and Adult Loan Courses. Direct contract holder. Established 2007£1,580,708ESFA Direct contract holder (£1m+ loans in addition to AEB and Apps contract)Healthy six figure Net profit - full details on requestOffers InvitedNoEnquire
109N135NorthernDelivers publicly and commercially funded training in specialised construction sector£135,000ESFA funding for Apps and Traineeships. Delivery contract with CITB. On both RoATP and RoTO.£60,750 net profitOffers InvitedNoEnquire
110N122NationalEstablish Training provider since June 2012. Main sectors of Teacher Training and Change Management£75,675Mainly commercial but on RoATP and RoTO£37,800 Gross Profit; £24,618 Net Profit£95,000 on a no cash no debt basisnoUnder OfferEnquire
111N140North WestOffers a range of vocational qualifications including maths, English and IT Functional Skills. Early years, Childcare, Business Admin & Hairdressing sectors£1,100,000ESFA direct contracts 1M Vocational Qualifications & Apprenticeships.£100,000+ EBITDAon requestyesEnquire
112N129South EastASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING COMPANY WITH A PARTICULAR FOCUS ON HELPING DISABLED PEOPLE OPERATE MORE EFFECTIVELY IN THE WORKPLACE£3,000,000Private revenue and various funding streams including Access to Work£1,561,000 Gross profiton requestyesEnquire
112.5N141LondonLondon based provider (with wider coverage via online offerings) of HR, financial and administration training. Many corporate clients including banks etc£476kMain income via corporate clients and self funded provision£202k adjusted profitson requestyesEnquire
113N130NorthEstablished for more than 20 years Provides businesses with tailored learning and development programmes in the areas of: management, leadership, sales, customer service, personal effectiveness and general business skills.£400,000Private sales and on various OJEU frameworks£100k+ EBITAon requestyesEnquire
114N131SouthProvider of Video based training materials within the care sector£460,000+Mainly private sector clients£252,000 EBITAon requestyesEnquire
115N132UKSupplier of online resources to the learning and development industry£470,000Mainly private sector clients£180,000 EBITAon requestyesEnquire
116N133UK based with international clientsA leading organisational health and wellbeing business£873,000Global blue-chip and public sector clientstbcon requestyesEnquire
117N127South EastApprenticeship training provider, including H&SC, Childcare, Catering and Hospitality, Business Admin etc£664,000Own profile for Non Levy clients£124,000 EBITAon requestyesEnquire
118N134National (fully relocatable opportunity)Training provider specialising in the financial services industry£81,000Obtains a significant amount of income via various financial institutionstbcon requestyesEnquire
119N128South EastWorkplace Training Business, includes Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, First Aid, Teacher Training, Conflict management, Fire Safety etc. Established 20+ years£425,000Fee paying individuals, SMEs and public bodiestbcon requestyesEnquire
120N125EnglandTraining provider specialising in Health and Social Care Apprenticeships£1,250,000ESFA Non Levy and Levy contracts£844,000 Gross profit; £634,000 EBITAon requestyesEnquire
121N126ScotlandProvider of Leadership, Management and Organisational Development Programmes£803,000Mainly main contractor for commercial sector clients & some sub-contracted public sector income£597,000 Gross Profit; £249,000 EBITAon requestyesEnquire
122N137EnglandSmall training provider with various Award Body and ESFA accreditationssoldsoldsoldsoldsoldEnquire
123N138Midlands Small training provider with various Award Body and ESFA accreditationssoldsoldsoldsoldsoldEnquire

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