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Employer & Training Provider Quality Assurance

I am an Employer

ESS quality assure all training providers prior to introducing them to their employer network.
This ensures that the training provider has received an independent and up to date quality assessment prior to being introduced to the ESS employer network.

I am a Prime Provider

If you are prime provider accessing public funding for education purposes will fall under the OFSTED inspection regime.

I am a Sub Contractor

In addition if you are delivering public funded training as a sub contractor you will also be liable for inspection as part of the lead provider’s regime.

When are OFSTED Inspections Carried Out?

OFSTED inspections are carried out on training providers periodically often years apart and it’s a fact that the quality of provision can change negatively from one inspection to another without it being picked up until the actual OFSTED inspection.

What Are The Consequences of A Failed Inspection For A Training Provider?

To FAIL an OFSTED inspection can be catastrophic for the training provider often leading to the reduction or even the withdrawal of funds and company closure.

What Are The Consequences For The Employer and Learners?

The learners may have been receiving undetected sub-standard training for an extended period disadvantaging both the learner and the employer.

What Can ESS Do For Training Providers?

ESS has a team of associated OFSTED inspectors who can review your organisation in a mock inspection and give you confidential feedback on where you are against the Common Inspection Framework.

This will give you the opportunity to address areas of concern giving you the best platform to meet an OFSTED inspection and assurance that you are on point with a quality proposition for your employers.

At ESS we offer a range of services specifically tailored to assist your organisation improve on the quality of your offering, and to prepare for compliance audits. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Strategy Development
  • Bid Writing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sourcing Funding
  • Recruitment
  • Partnership Management
  • Learner Finder
  • Employer Engagement

If you would like an individual review of your business Quality processes or a “Mockstead” inspection by an ESS inspector please email or Get In Touch using the online form if you wish to receive further information

Please contact us on 01977 705203 or Get In Touch using the online form if you wish to receive further information.